Do I need a teaching degree to get trained and certified?

No, if you have a heart for struggling readers and the ability to read and to use technology you can do this!

How long does the training process take?

There are two sessions, each 1 ½ hours long. Upon completion of the training sessions you will submit your video for evaluation. Allow 10 business days for evaluation and, upon passing that exam your certificate will be electronically sent to you and you will be ready to go!

How do I get students?

Great Leaps training enables you to reach struggling readers within you community and the world. Students can be found by reaching out to your friends, schools, after school programs, prisons, juvenile detention programs, to name a few ideas. 19% of graduating seniors cannot read a newspaper or a job description easily—the world needs what you will be offering! If you desire help in this matter

What students can this program help?

From Day 1 you can change the world for the vast majority of struggling readers, including those with dyslexia. About 97% of students with reading problems can be taken to independent reading through this 15 minute, daily program.


Do you have to commit to five days a week?

This is a daily program. Like powerful medicine you need to take this as directed, so to speak. We strongly recommend scheduling for 5 days a week to account for missed days. Any less than 3 days a week does not get the stellar growth that we get consistently.

That said, you can use the resources you have to get students the help they need. You can have different tutors for different days to maximize your impact. Team up with others and together you can impact students and still do the other things that you love.