I am an Orton-Gillingham trained tutor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I have been augmenting my students’ lessons with Great Leaps for about 10 years. Although Great Leaps is primarily designed to help students with fluency, I find it to be even more helpful for the kids who struggle with accuracy. So many of these kids have struggled for so many years with their learning disability before coming to me for help, that they have developed the habit of reading too quickly while making several errors in their reading. But I have found that they tend to be goal-oriented and really enjoy passing each page of the Great Leaps program. Since the program requires strict attention to accuracy, the students develop the new habit of focusing more on being careful. Once their accuracy improves, their reading speed skyrockets.

My original K-2 Greats Leaps program is in shreds from using it with almost all of my students since I purchased it. So I just called Great Leaps this morning to order another copy.

Thank you so much for this wonderful program that has helped so many of my kids.

Kathy F.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

As a Reading Corps tutor, I use Great Leaps for students who are struggling in reading. Ever since the program was introduced to my students they have been nothing short of excited. The absolute joy and sense of accomplishment when they leap a page is proof that this program is needed in more reading classrooms across the country. The program provides many opportunities for praise, so even if students are not able to leap a page, they can still see the gains they make each day especially with the progress chart. As a future Reading Specialist, I am thrilled that I was introduced to this program that encompasses so many skills that unfortunately many kids struggle with today. I will definitely have in my professional library for years to come.

Nandi- Ayanna M.
Washington, D.C.

I am a Certified Barton Tutor and I use Great Leaps as a tool to help with fluency and accuracy. It has been a fantastic resource. Not only does it improve their fluency but it is a great confidence booster. They love to see how far they have come and how much faster they can read. It gives them such a great benchmark to see their progress.

Tiffany V.
Certified Barton Tutor
Jacksonville, FL