Why become a Great Leaps Tutor?

  • Need some extra income or want to embark on a new career- the choice is yours! Great for school teachers, stay at home moms, college students looking for some extra income or for someone who wants to set off in a new, rewarding direction, career wise.
  • Within a few weeks you can be off and running- our training takes only 3 hours!
  • Need flexibility? Take on as few students or as many as you like- each student only takes 15 minutes a day to tutor. We even have substitute teachers who can step in for you for vacations and sick days.
  • This will be the most rewarding thing you do professionally! The reading crisis is very real and this is an opportunity to use your gifts and talents to help students achieve their potentials!

What YOU need:

  • Stable and fast internet connection
  • A device that has a webcam
  • A set time five days a week that you can work with children.
  • A heart for kids and a passion for helping them grow!